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About us

Repurposed and Custom Furniture, Home Decor, Women’s Boutique

In 2015 we embarked a new journey of following God’s plan, switching careers and having the most fun! Our name is a Christian reference to the 3 nails in the cross and an everyday reminder that what we do is to glorify Him. Our goal is to provide unique, re-purposed furniture and home decor at affordable prices. We also have a women’s boutique with the newest styles and quality fabric at amazing prices.


Re-Purposed …

Re-purposing is FUN! Imagining a totally new function for an object is the most rewarding and creative thing we do. My husband and I were sitting an auction one time and the auctioneer started on a pair of photography tripods. Jim raised his had to bid, and I elbowed him and asked what he was doing. He said he wanted them to make a table with, using the tripods for the legs. “A photographer will love this.” We have implemented tractor grills and engine covers into coffee tables and consoles, desks out of Jeep grills, old painted house siding into sliding barn doors, bicycles as works of art and furniture, and so much more!