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About Us...

Jim and Erren West

Partners in business and marriage (April, 1989) Jim and Erren met in Richmond, Indiana, devoted themselves to each other and their Christian faith and have committed themselves to serving Him in their business.

A little about Jim:

  • Graduated from Earlham College with a degree in Business Management

  • 25 years in Machine Tool sales

  • Member of Rock Steady Boxing Anderson for Parkinson's Disease

  • Enjoys spending time with family and on the golf course

  • Loves to work on projects in the shop specializing in re-purposing and renewing old furniture

  • In charge of Sales, Marketing and Financials



A little about Erren:

  • Graduated from IPFW in Fort Wayne with a degree in Education

  • Former Science teacher and HS Girls Golf Coach

  • Loves spending time with her dog, Haley, and grand dog, Chewy

  • Enjoys golfing and playing video games (betcha didn't know THAT!)

  • Specializes in final project finishing and building (Jim calls her 'Frankie' since she gets her building skills from her dad, Frank)

  • Known as "The Boss," she is project manager for all new orders, handles product ordering and inventory management




We couldn’t do it Without Them – Frank and Jonell Kovaleski (Erren’s Parents)

  • Jonell - First class floral designer providing our arrangements and store set up. She does all the custom vinyl and is usually the first smiling face you see when you come in the store.

  • Frank - A Master artisan, he is the in-house engineer creating custom desks, barn doors, farmhouse tables and other extraordinary items of beauty. Just try to challenge him with a new or different project.

We are blessed to have them and their faith as part of our lives and business.




About our new store:

  • 3 Rusty Nails moved to Anderson from Hamilton in 2014 to share in the excellent growth potential of this community

Future Plans include:

  • A coffee shop (Yes!)

  • Additional shopping buildings

  • A new event barn





What about the 3 Rusty Nails?


The significance of the 3 Rusty Nails is very simple:  love, grace and hope are our guiding principles.  

Love is more than the lyrics to a song. Just like you, we strive everyday to show patience and kindness to everyone we meet.

Grace is the ability to look past the faults of others and recognize that we have our own shortcomings.  

Hope means that tomorrow is going to be better than today, even though today was great.  

Together,  they describe the attributes of the greatest person ever to walk the earth.

Please contact us if you want to know more.